Drainiac Starter Kit

Drainiac™ Starter Kit for Above-Ground Containment: SPL119


Includes: 1 Drainiac Petroleum Filter Valve, 1 SheenFence Pre-Filter Sheet, 5 Silt Trap Socks, 2” PVC fittings & carrying case.

Everything you need for draining stormwater from your above-ground secondary containment.  This Starter Kit will equip you with a Drainiac Petroleum Filter Valve and the complete Pre-Filter System on one of your secondary containment units.

Made in the USA

Made in the USA

Filters Oil from Water

Filters Oil from Water

Watch the Drainiac Petroleum Filter Valve System in Action.



Do you have any of these problems dealing with stormwater in secondary containment?

  1. Wasting time manually draining stormwater?
  2. Forgetting to close drain valves?
  3. Hiring expensive vac trucks to haul and dispose of oily sheen water?
  4. Replacing existing, expensive filter valves that are clogged with sediment?
  5. Algae buildup inside containment?
  6. Frozen containment floors in the winter?

Fortunately there is a better way.  The Spilltration® Drainiac Petroleum Filter Valve.  This Starter Kit includes everything that you need to drain your secondary containment:

  • Filters Oil & Fuel:  The Drainiac Filter Valve allows stormwater to drain from your secondary containment, while effectively filtering oily sheen.
  • Captures Sediment:  The Drainiac Pre-Filter System captures sediment before it clogs your expensive filter valve.
  • Prevents Spills:  The Drainiac Filter Valve automatically swells up and shuts off.  Prevents a catastrophic oil or fuel spill from escaping your secondary containment.
  • Saves Money:  Eliminates the high cost to pump, haul and dispose of contaminated secondary containment water.
  • Minimize your “Headache Calls”:  No oil sheens outside containment.  No overflowing containment. No vac truck bozos.
  • Drains 4x Faster than other “similar” products.
  • Prevent Tripping Hazards:  400% smaller than “similar” products.
  • Lasts up to 10x Longer:  Pre-Filter System prevents system from prematurely clogging with silt, sediment and debris.


  1. Electrical substation containment
  2. Above ground storage tank secondary containment
  3. Outfalls for oil/water separators
  4. Cooling tower wastewater
  5. Portable secondary containment
  6. Bulk liquid storage stormwater outfalls
  7. Skid mounted pump and tank containment
  8. Point Source Discharge Locations



Drainiac petroleum filter valve system

Drainiac Petroleum Oil Fuel Filter Valve for Above Ground Secondary Containment

Drainiac Before

Drainiac After

Installing Drainiac Petroleum Filter Valve & Husky PreFilter Sleeve in Pop Up Containment

Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Kit Includes:

  • (1) Drainiac Petroleum Filter Valve (SPL101)
  • (1) Drainiac SheenFence Pre-Filter Sheets (SPL117EA)
  • (5) Drainiac SiltTrap Pre-Filter Socks (SPL116EA)
  • (1) PVC Elbow 2″ x 90 degrees Female NPT fittings on both ends
  • (1) PVC Nipple 2″ x 2″ Male NPT fittings on both ends
  • (1) Roll Teflon thread seal tape
  • (1) 16-ounce water bottle for field testing Drainiac filter valve
  • (1) Drainiac Starter Kit tool tote with removable tool case

Flow Rate:  While all other manufacturers measure their flow rates at a constant 2” head pressure, we measure ours based on what is happening in the real world.

  • 2” to 1” Head Pressure:  56.6 gal./hr.
  • 1” to 0” Head Pressure:  41.0 gal./hr.


  • Drainiac Filter Valve:  3.5” Diameter x 5.5”L
  • Drainiac SheenFence Pre-Filter Sheet:  20” x 30” per sheet
  • Drainiac Silt Trap Socks:  3.5” x 1.5” x 24” per sock

Sold As:  Each

Inlet Fitting for Filter Valve:  2” Male NPT threaded adapter. We are happy to quote you on custom adapters based on your specific needs.

Cutoff Loss on Filter Valve:  Other manufacturers allow various amounts of petroleum to pass through their valves, before complete shut off.  The Drainiac petroleum filter valve system is engineered to not allow any petroleum products to escape. Therefore, there is no loss.

Compliance and Restrictions

Compliance and Restrictions

  • DO NOT use with acids, basis or other caustic liquids.
  • Dispose of used product in compliance with local, state & federal regulations

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