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We are here to listen and help you find solutions that fit your needs!

We’re here if you’d like to contact us.

HalenHardy® provides products and services across multiple industries including oil and gas, mining, construction, emergency response, remediation, transportation, utilities and demolition. Whatever your spill control needs, we have solutions that work— even in wet conditions. Yes, you heard that correctly.  After 40 years of stagnation in the spill control industry, we’ve developed products that absorb oil and filter water.

Need help solving your leak, spill control and clean-up problems? Want to learn more about why your old outdated spill pads simply don’t work? Just want to share your thoughts? Want to talk to a real human?

Reach out to us anytime you need some help. Please. We actually have an ongoing battle of who can help a customer first. And, if you know anything about a family business, you can imagine the bragging rights to be had.

Contact us and we'll be fighting to see who can serve you first.

Donny Beaver separates sons Troy (left) and Josh who are battling over who helps the customer first.

Send us a Message

The Beaver Boys promise to bust our tails to serve you. You can contact us by mobile call, text or email... day or night.

Write to us: 421 Main Street, Bellwood, PA 16617

Call us: Telephone: 1.844.774.5587 | Fax: 814.822.2017

Troy Beaver  |  814-937-6906  |

Josh Beaver  |  814-931-3030  |

Donny Beaver  |  814-571-9779  |

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