Revolutionary oil spill clean-up products.  Absorbs Oil.  Filters Water.

  • Theres no better way to absorb oil from water on land

    Spilltration® Husky Pads 16″ x 16″

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  • 8" wide Spilltration strips are engineered to hug the ground and absorb oil while filtering clean water

    Spilltration® Husky Strips 8″ x 64″

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  • Quick action can help prevent oily water from running into storm drains

    Spilltration® Husky Rugs 32″ x 48″

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  • Spilltration products capture leaking fluids while allowing clean water to filter through

    Spilltration® Basin 16″ x 16″

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  • Spilltration Trucker Kit is compression sealed to fit in tight spots.

    Spilltration® Trucker Spill Kit

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  • 8" x 8" Spilltration Husky Pads for lining small Basin

    Spilltration® Husky Pads 8″ x 8″

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  • Spilltration Shammy Towel grabs oil and filters clean water

    Spilltration® Oil Shammy 10″ x 16″

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  • 99%+ of the oil is collected on first pass of Spilltration Shammy Towel

    Spilltration® Oil Shammy 16″ x 16″

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