Spilltration® Oil Spill Cleanup

Spilltration® oil spill containment and cleanup products are very different from other spill control materials.

  • Absorbs Oil.  Filters Water.
  • Smooshable – Requires 300% to 500% less space for storage
  • Engineered for superior performance when it’s raining
  • Picks up hydrocarbons 50% faster
  • Innovative “FlatRoll” technology deploys up to 40x faster than convention spill control products
  • Made from recycled materials to support your sustainability initiatives
  • Can be wrung out and reused up to 10 time
  • Saves time.  Saves money.  Protects the environment.

Think about the technological advances since 1977:

  • Telephones – Land Lines to Mobile Phones
  • Fax Machines – From cutting edge to obsolete
  • Cars – From “Rust-bucket at 50,000 miles” to “I’ll keep mine for 150,000 miles”
  • Email – From “Email, what are you talking about?” to “Sheesh, I get waaaayyy too many.”
  • Text – From “Huh?” to “ShuuutUp”
  • Oil Spill Cleanup Pads – From “Hey, look at this cool new stuff” to “Hey, we still want to sell you the same old crap”

Take a look at Spilltration Oil (and fuel) spill containment and cleanup products.  A breakthrough after 40 years of stagnation.

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  • Everything you need for rapid deployment.  Designed specifically to contain a spill until help arrives.

    BuckKitt 1.0 Oil Spill Kit – absorbs 11 Gallons

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  • 25 lineal feet of SpillBoa material in one duffel for easy grab and go use.

    Oil Spill Cleanup SpillBoa™ Cubby Kit

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  • The SPL033 SpillBoa Bale includes (4) 4"x25' SpillBoa Rolls.

    Oil Spill Containment SpillBoa™ sorbent barrier on a roll

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  • The SpillBoa 5"x10' Oil Spill Cleanup Roll is packaged as 8 rolls per case.  Each compact roll weighs only 1.5 lbs and takes up minimal space compared to traditional 5"x10' boom.

    SpillBoa™ sorbent barrier on a roll – 5″x10′ Version – 8 Rolls per Case

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  • SpillStorm Kit Smooshed

    SpillStorm 1.0 153-gallon Tactical Spill Kit

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  • Spillstorm 2.0 Front View

    SpillStorm 2.0 Tactical Spill Kit – absorbs 91-Gallons

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  • Spilltration® Husky Mini Roll - Upright 32" tall

    Spilltration® Husky Mini Roll – 32″ x 25′

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  • Spilltration® Poly Backed Husky Mini Roll.

    Spilltration® Husky Polybacked Mini Roll – 32″ x 25′

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  • PolyBacked Husky material close up to show backing.

    Spilltration® Husky Polybacked Rug 32″ x 48″

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  • SpillerBullet

    Spillver Bullet® rapid response oil spill containment kit

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  • A better way to contain and absorb transformer oil leaks.  Especially in wet weather.

    Substation Transformer Oil Leak and Spill Starter Kit by Spilltration®

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  • Husky Pads Contractor - SPL029

    Spilltration® Husky Pad Pro Pack 16″ x 16″

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Showing 1–12 of 24 results