Spilltration® Pro Packed Husky Pads: SPL029


16” x 16”, 60 pads

If you’ve got a slow leak, a small spill, or need to grab oil sheen from the pavement, Spilltration® Husky Oil Spill Pads hold 68 oz of oil and fuel. UV-Resistant and made from 100% recycled materials.





Made in the USA

Made in the USA

Filters Oil from Water

Filters Oil from Water

Watch Spilltration® Husky Material Filter Oil from Water



Traditional oil-only absorbents were not designed for leak or spill clean up in the outdoors.

Through conversations with our customers, it became clear that traditional oil-only absorbents weren’t optimized for outdoor clean up. They had issues when exposed to rain, didn’t absorb much oil or fuel and were degraded by UV light. Traditional oil-only absorbents:

  • Do not work well when it is raining.  The rain water creates a barrier on the pad and carries the oil off.
  • Do not absorb much oil or fuel, especially in wet conditions.
  • Degrade and turn to powder when exposed to UV light.

Spilltration® Husky Oil Spill Pads absorb oils and fuels, while allowing clean water to filter through.

Instead of sticking to the same old oil-only absorbent options, our customers wanted something that kept up with their needs in the outdoors. That’s when we rolled up our sleeves and teamed up with our customers to create the next generation of spill-cleaning superstars. Rain or shine, our absorbents get the job done! They control spills efficiently, providing superior absorption capacity for maximum protection. But it doesn’t stop there. Spilltration® Husky Oil Spill Pads:

  • are engineered for superior performance in cleaning up land-based leaks or spills, rain or shine
  • are UV Resistant and ideal for outdoor use
  • are baled in 2 packs of 30 (great for facilities with sorbent storage areas)
  • have high absorbency for bulk clean up
  • perfect for filtering oils, fuels and sheen out of stormwater and filtration of oily water
  • great for use in or near storm drains, outfalls, sumps, storage tanks and oily outdoor equipment
  • reusable (can be wrung out and reused)
  • made from 100% recycled content
  • reduce waste by up to 70%
  • cut cost by 50% or more

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Product Spec Sheet

Spilltration® Husky Material Specifications

Spilltration® Husky Sustainability Charts

2023 HalenHardy® Catalog

Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Fluids Absorbed:  Oils, Fuels & Other Petroleum Products – Filters Water

Dimensions:  16”W x 16”L

Sold as:  60 per case

Cases Contents:  2 bales of 30 pads

Absorbency:  32.3 gallons/case

Absorbency Each:  68.9 fl. oz./each

Weight:  19 lbs./case

Recycled Content:  100% Recycled Content

UV Resistant:  Yes

Smoosh Pack:  No

Compliance and Restrictions

Compliance and Restrictions

  • Does not float. Not for use on water.
  • Do not use with acids, bases or oxidizers.
  • Dispose of used product in compliance with local, state & federal regulations.

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