A 20,000-gallon Oil Spill? We’ve Got You Covered.

An environmental coordinator for a large utility in the Northeast had recently given our Spilltration products a field test. He really liked the way they worked, but he hadn’t had an opportunity to stock up just yet. But when a mid-morning, 20,000 gallon oil spill happened during a Spring rainstorm, his first call was to Sarah at HalenHardy.

Not only did he need products that worked fast; he also needed them delivered fast, because he had already filed the initial spill report with DEP. With a spill of this size, they’d be arriving on site any minute – and they’d want to see that his spill response plan was in action.

At HalenHardy, we know that spills are unpredictable; and that when they happen, products delivered tomorrow are a day too late. Rush orders are just another part of our top-notch customer service.

Need a truckload of absorbents delivered today? Easy Peasy.

HalenHardy same day ordering and delivery

Super Speedy Spill Supply Shipping Service

Sarah headed out to the production area to seek Emily’s help. First, Emily verified stock levels so that Sarah could get the order started; then, she made some calls to freight companies to have a rapid-delivery box truck onsite as soon as possible.

Sarah Noye (Client Success Coordinator) and Emily Kissel (Production Supervisor, Shipping & Receiving)
HalenHardy Emergency Rush Order Service

Rush Order Production and Fulfillment

The production and warehouse crews stacked and shrink-wrapped products. At 2:00 pm, Josh loaded nine pallets of Husky rugs and pads, SpillBoas, Oil Shammy master rolls, and Husky master rolls onto the 22-foot box truck.

Josh Beaver (Partner & CPO)

Same Day Delivery.

By 3:00 pm, the driver was safely en route to New Jersey with an 8:23 pm arrival deadline. He arrived 20 minutes ahead of schedule, and after a few logistical issues, all items were delivered and ready for immediate use. Kudos to the HalenHardy Production Team for a job well done!

HalenHardy Same Day Delivery Service

P.S. The morning after the Spilltration products arrived, Sarah and the HalenHardy team followed up with the electric utility to help their contractor properly install the Oil Sheen Fence to protect a small stream running through a beautiful subdivision.

Later that day, our client said, “You helped us save the day. Your Spilltration Husky pads worked so well; we’re calling them ‘the Miracle Pads.’”

Our Halenhardy team played a small (but vital) role to help control the damages from a big emergency spill. And helped our client fulfill the HalenHardy mission to:


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Get to Know Spilltration Products.

Simple, Effective Solutions.

Husky Oil Filter Rug

Husky Oil Filter Rug

Cover a spill or protect a storm drain. It’s the best tool for frontline defense for oil spills.

Husky pads sop up an oil spill

Husky Oil Filter Pads

Use Spilltration Husky Pads to sop up oil spills in wet or dry weather.

SpillBoa Oil Absorbent Barrier Boom

SpillBoa Oil Absorbent Barrier Boom

Stop oil from spreading into storm drains and waterways with the SpillBoa Boom.

Spilltration Oil Shammy Towel

Spilltration Oil Shammy Towel

Tough enough to remove oil from concrete and asphalt without falling apart.

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