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Simplify Spill Response With Just Two Products

Those fancy polyurethane drain covers look impressive. They completely seal off a storm drain so that nothing gets in. For hazardous chemical spills, that’s great.

But, if you’ve ever actually used one, you know that they’re heavy; and because they stick to themselves, they’re hard to deploy. Plus, if there are cracks in the drain’s frame or if there’s any kind of dirt or debris around the drain, you don’t get a good seal. They’re also crazy expensive. And, if it’s raining, they create a huge pond that you’re most likely going to have to call a vac truck to pump out because the pond will be covered with oily sheen. So even if you could get to the drain cover; you couldn’t release the water because the release would violate the EPA’s Stormwater Rule – which could mean huge fines and bad PR.

Husky Rugs prevent oil from entering storm drains.

When it comes to outdoor spills, the reality is that more than 80% of those spills involve oil and fuel spills: not chemicals. And, about 70% of outdoor spills happen in wet weather. So when a spill happens, chances are pretty good that the product you’re chasing away from drains, ditches, swales and vegetated areas is oil-based.

Spilltration® Husky Rugs allow you to take immediate action to prevent oil from entering storm drains. Just place the Rug over the storm grate. If the grate is large, you can butt Rugs next to each other to cover the entire surface of the storm grate.

As oil and water enter the Husky Rugs, oil is captured in the Husky Fibers while clean rainwater filters through and enters the storm drain. This helps to prevent ponding, and minimizes the amount of absorbent waste typically generated by spill cleanup efforts.

Once drains are protected, you can turn your attention to identifying the source of the spill, containing it and controlling it. That’s where Spilltration® Husky Strips come in.

Husky Rug protects the storm drain

Husky Strips contain and channel a spill.

Through the years, people have tried lots of things to contain and control spills. Dirt. Cat litter. Sawdust. Oil-selective absorbent socks. Loose materials don’t really dike well, and white socks are designed to float on water, so they get carried away with the stormwater headed toward the drain.

Spilltration® Husky Strips stay where you put them, creating a berm that allows you to contain and channel oil spills so that you can collect and absorb them more quickly and easily. And, like Husky Rugs, they’ll filter clean rainwater away from the area so that you’re not left with another puddle to deal with.

With Husky strips, you can choose where you’d like to contain or channel the spill. For example, you can create a lane that channels everything toward the storm drain for the Husky Rugs to absorb. Or, you could channel it to another area so that contained oil can be absorbed into Husky Rugs without having to blanket the entire area.

Husky Strips steer the spill

Now you can respond to spills quickly and effectively.

Take a look at after-action spill reports at your facility. If you’re mainly dealing with oil and fuel spills outdoors, Husky Rugs and Strips can help everyone onsite to quickly and effectively respond to spills without creating mountains of absorbent waste.

Add more husky rugs for more protection

Husky Oil Filter Rug

Extra-large for quick and efficient cleanup of diesel, kerosene, hydraulic fluid, motor oil, and other hydrocarbons.

Husky strips hold back oil

Husky Oil Filter Strips

Use to quickly contain a spill or surround and protect crucial areas.

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