Don’t get caught short on your SPCC annual oil handler refresher training

As the person responsible for SPCC compliance, you know the costs of being out of compliance. Big fines. Bad publicity.

If keeping the plan up-to-date isn’t enough, you’ve got to complete and file inspections, keep secondary containment systems in shape, maintain security… oh, and conduct refresher training at some point this year.

Keeping track of new hires who need initial training and everyone who has retired or moved on and no longer needs training is hard enough. But you’ve also got to tally up everyone else on the oil handler list and make sure they’re retrained and up-to-date.

Oil Handler Training Challenges

We know that it’s a burden to gather everyone at one place and time to complete a training that most of them don’t want to sit through anyway. Some companies take the “tailgate discharge briefings” shortcut that may not meet all of the requirements and doesn’t get properly documented; or worse, they skip retraining all together!

Even if oil has never left your property, when you skip annual refresher training, you’re looking at a minimum fine of $1,500.00 and the possibility of fines up to $32,000 per day, per violation.

Don’t sell your team short or open yourself to potential liability for non-compliance. Leaving it up to supervisors to cover SPCC topics during tailgates probably won’t cut it – especially if there’s no way to gauge comprehension. Will everyone remember what they need to do when there is an oil spill? “Maybe” isn’t a good enough answer.

Why put your facility at risk for big fines and bad publicity when there’s an easy way to stay in compliance with annual refresher training requirements?

What if there was a convenient way to:

  • Ensure that all oil handlers receive annual refresher training?

  • Gauge their comprehension?

  • Prepare them to prevent discharges?

  • Review required training topics?
  • Track course completions?

Now there is!

New! SPCC Oil Handler Training Course

Forget trying to schedule traditional classroom trainings and coordinating them over several days or weeks to accommodate everyone on every shift. Forget trying to schedule make-up sessions for those stragglers who were on vacation or were out sick on their scheduled day.

Now you can conduct your annual refresher training anytime, anywhere, using whatever electronic device your oil handlers have available: laptops, desktops, phones, or tablets.

HalenHardy’s Oil Handler Annual Refresher Training is divided into six easy-to-digest microlearning modules. The entire course can be completed in about 40 minutes and includes quizzes to gauge comprehension.

The complete course covers:

  1. An overview of the Clean Water Act
  2. SPCC Plan Contents
  3. Facility Operations
  4. Preventing Oil Discharges
  5. Responding to Spills
  6. Plan Reviews and Known Discharges

We do the tracking and reporting.

We’ll keep track of everyone’s progress, issue certificates, and send you quiz results and course completions to help you with recordkeeping requirements.

Because we want to help you in your continuing efforts to protect the environment and prevent water pollution, we saved the best part for last. We are offering this course at no cost. It is absolutely free. All you have to do is click here to get started.

Save time and money. Keep oil handlers prepared and up-to-date with annual refresher training. Simplify recordkeeping. Move onto the next item on your to-do list.

Signup Now - SPCC Oil Handler Training Course

Signup Now - SPCC Oil Handler Training Course

Train your crews and stay compliant without ever stepping into the classroom. Your annual SPCC oil-handler training is now easier than ever. No schedules, no classrooms, no worries. It's free to enroll.


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