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| Karen Hamel

Spill Preparedness at Multiple Sites Webinar

Spill Preparedness at Multiple Sites Webinar

Does each of your work sites have the supplies and resources they need to respond to spills quickly?

Ordering a dozen identical spill kits and shipping them to 12 different locations is not enough to help employees to be prepared to respond. Even if the processes or activities are the same at all locations, it pays to look at each one individually, build plans and stock spill response supplies specifically for each venue.

We’ll look at the factors you need to consider when planning, how to determine where to locate your response supplies and how to make sure each site stays ready to respond.

Applicable Regulations or Industry Standards:

Spill Preparedness Learning Objectives:

  • Prepare for spills at any location
  • Stage spill response supplies in areas where they are most needed
  • Recognize conditions that may cause spills
  • Choose spill response supplies based on specific needs
spill preparedness
Learn how to identify spill risks.
spill preparedness at multiple sites
Stage spill kits in spill-prone areas.
spill preparedness at worksites
Tailor spill response plans to each specific work site.

Meet the Presenter

Spill Preparedness Webinar, Presenter Karen D. Hamel

Karen D. Hamel, CSP, CIT, WACH

Regulatory Expert at HalenHardy

Karen is a regulatory expert and trainer with more than 26 years of experience helping EHS professionals find solutions to meet regulations and industry standards. Read More →

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