Sustainble Spill Control Products

As an environmental professional, you care about sustainability and corporate social responsibility. We do too. We’re committed to creating and manufacturing sustainable spill control products.

Spilltration® Products are not only made from recycled materials- we also consider the environmental impacts of how our products are manufactured, transported, used and disposed of at end of life.

Sustainable Spill Control Products
Old spill control materials lead to waste.  Waste does not equal sustainability.

We design and manufacture environmentally responsible spill control products.

Sustainability is ingrained in the HalenHardy philosophy and all we do. Here are some of the key benefits of including Spilltration® spill control products in your sustainability initiatives.
Recycled Spill Control Products


Husky fibers are made from post-consumer waste


Squeeze and reuse up to 10 times

Absorbent Spill Control Products


Absorb hydrocarbons in wet and dry weather
UV Resistant Spill Control Products


Guaranteed not to degrade in the sun for 24 months
Spill Control Products that Reduce Waste

Reduces Waste

Reduces disposal waste costs by at least 300%.
Compact Spill Control Products


Compactable and able to be stored in 400% less area.
Environmentally Friendly Spill Control Products

Environmentally Friendly

Protects the environment, rain or shine
Spill Control Products that Filter Water

Filters Water

Absorb oil and fuel, allows clean water to filter through
Spill Control Products that Save Money

Saves Money

Saves 70% in overall cost-to-use

Are your spill control products sustainable?

When was the last time you evaluated your traditional spill control products? Here are a few questions that can help you determine the sustainability of your current spill control products:
  • Are they manufactured sustainably from post-consumer or post-industrial waste?
  • Are they packaged deliberately to reduce your shipping costs and subsequent transportation-related environmental impacts?
  • Are they designed for multiple uses?
  • Do they function to full capacity rain or shine?
  • Do they efficiently protect the environment or is there room for improvement?
  • Do they reduce waste and scale down subsequent disposal consequences?
If you answered “no” to any of these questions, it might be time to consider Spilltration® Products as an alternative spill control method. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what other people are saying.
Spilltration products made from recycled materialsSpilltration products made from recycled materials
“Spilltration products are the first true innovation that I have seen in two decades. They source their raw materials in an environmentally sound fashion, they know the holding capacity of their product, and if you use the poly-backed product you directly address the local and federal EPA’s primary concern; oil getting into the ground. Nobody else does that.”
Matt Christie, Duke Energy
Spilltration oil spill productsSpilltration oil spill products
“We started out evaluating Spilltration products as skeptics. But when we used Husky Pads, Strips, and Rugs to control oil-contaminated runoff from fire suppression operations at a large garage fire, we were more than impressed. We only had enough Spilltration products for one storm drain, so we used the standard oil-only pad, socks, and booms on another. The Spilltration drain had clear water flowing into it- not even a sheen. The other drain still had dirty, sooty water flowing into it. While not currently advertised to filter particulate-like fire suppression runoff, Spilltration products certainly work well for it. If anything, HalenHardy is underselling how great their products are.”
Chief, PEMA Certified Hazmat Team, PA
Spilltration technologySpilltration technology
“We had a hydraulic leak from a ruptured line on an excavator near a stream. I pulled the Spilltration materials you left with me in your office demo, and I mobilized to the site. I was able to compare them to the materials already in action [traditional white spill pads]. To say your product was astounding is an understatement. My crew in the field remarked over and over about Spilltration’s ability to remove the material. And the fact that your materials are compact is a real plus. Needless to say, I’m sold on the Spilltration technology.”
Alan B. Houck, CHST, EHS Field Specialist, Brubacher Excavating, Inc.

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