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Product Demos with the Troops at Fort Indiantown Gap

Being prepared to respond to fuel spills on the tarmac is non-negotiable. So is keeping the aircraft maintenance hangar clean. Just two of the small details that help keep Fort Indiantown Gap ready and able to provide training for the armed forces.

Recently, we had the honor of conducting product demonstrations and introducing several new products to some of the soldiers at the base. It was great to have the time to talk with each group and discuss potential uses for each item.

Need to do SPCC refresher training?

HalenHardy can help. New technologies have been recently introduced that cut spill response time by up to 90%. Our team is happy to provide training and product demonstrations during your Environmental Coordinator meetings, Tool Committee meetings, Emergency Response Training, and other regularly scheduled team get-togethers. It’s a great way to engage your team members.

For clients that are in our region, we’re happy to plan live meetings. And if you’re outside our immediate area, we’re delighted to schedule a virtual training. If you have a question or would like to schedule a training or demo, call us at 814-822-2004.

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