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Hydraulic Oil Cleanup

Blown Hydraulic Line? No Worries.

Backhoes. Bulldozers. Excavators. Cranes. Graders. Loaders. Dump trucks. It takes a lot of heavy equipment to get all of those big jobs done.

When schedules are tight and deadlines are looming, you’ve got to keep things moving and prevent delays. A blown hydraulic line doesn’t just take out a piece of equipment, it can put the whole project behind schedule.

It also makes a huge mess that you didn’t budget time to clean up. But ignoring that puddle of hydraulic fluid can lead to big fines. If you let it reach a storm drain or track it off the jobsite, your entire project could come to a screeching halt if the local environmental agency discovers it.

Hey, Sam – Go Find the Spill Kit

Traditional spill kits at construction sites are usually in large boxes or drums and always seem to be at the other end of the construction site or tucked in the back of one of the locked job sheds. They’re also typically filled with absorbents that weren’t designed for cleaning up outdoor spills – especially in the rain.

Even if, by some slim chance, spill supplies are readily available, you can still run the risk of environmental violations because most absorbents don’t pick up oil sheens. If you don’t pick up the sheen; when it rains, that fine oil sheen gets lifted by the rain and spreads all over the place. If it all stays on-site, it’s going to be an even bigger pain to clean up than the initial spill. If it goes offsite, you could be looking at a hefty fine.

Hydraulic Oil Cleanup. The Right Tool for the Job.

You don’t use a shovel to pound in nails, and you wouldn’t use a backhoe to transport debris off the jobsite. You’re a professional and you know the value of using the right tool for the job.

When it comes to cleaning up hydraulic fluid spills at construction sites, the right tool for the job is a Spilltration® Husky Oil Filter Rug.

Husky Rugs absorb oil. But unlike white oil spill sheets that float away when it’s raining, they’ll stay right where the spill is to absorb all of the oil and filter out clean rainwater. They’ll even pick up oil sheens, so you don’t need to stock half a dozen other items to get the job done.

Hydraulic Oil Cleanup

Husky Rugs absorb oil and filter out clean rainwater.

Hydraulic fluid Cleanup

32” x 48” Husky Rugs are perfect for protecting storm drains.

Instead of wasting time searching for jobsite spill kits, you can equip every piece of equipment with Husky Rugs so that equipment operators can start taking care of the leak immediately. Husky Rugs are smoosh-packed and fit behind the seat of construction equipment. That means that spill response supplies are always ready, right where a spill is most likely to happen.

In less time than it takes for them to curse their rotten luck, operators can rip open the Husky Rug’s bag and instantly have more than 3 gallons of absorption capability ready to do their bidding. Husky Rugs are so compact, it’s easy to fit three or four in each cab to take care of just about any blown hydraulic line in the fleet.

husky rug for Hydraulic Oil Cleanup

Husky Rugs are “Smoosh” packed into vacuum-sealed bags that take up take up 75% less space than standard spill kits.

space saving oil absorbents

Two Smooshed Husky Rugs easily fit in the seat pocket.

No one plans on blowing a hydraulic line. No one booked out a block of time to clean up the spill. With Spilltration® Husky Oil Filter Rugs, you can get the spill cleaned up in less time than it takes to order replacement parts to get that downed piece of equipment running again.

We have the distinct pleasure of working with HalenHardy regularly. Donny and his team are always on the cutting edge of product development in the environmental response industry. We maintain an inventory of Spilltration® products in all of our locations. The Husky Rugs and Oil Shammies have proven themselves at countless events. We specifically use Husky Rugs in areas where stormwater poses a risk of increasing a spill’s footprint. Oil Shammies work great during the final phase of spill clean-up or for the smaller spills where only a sheen is present. I highly recommend utilizing HalenHardy’s mitigation products.

– Stephen Pelna, VP of Lewis Environmental

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