Spilltration® Husky Polyback Oil Filter Mini Roll: SPL019


32” x 25’, 1 roll

Husky Polyback Oil Absorbent Rolls are perfect for cutting to size to precisely fit specific applications. Big enough to cover large areas. Small enough to be managed by one person. UV-Resistant for long-term, outdoor deployment.





Made in the USA

Made in the USA

Filters Oil from Water

Filters Oil from Water



Absorb and contain oil drips and leaks from outdoor machinery and equipment, even when it’s raining.

If you’re storing vehicles and equipment outside, chances are they’re going to leak. And if you’re not keeping a close eye on things, weeks or even months could go by before anyone notices the mess. That’s bad news for the environment and bad news for you. So, what’s the answer?

The most effective way to address these outdoor oil leaks and drips is by using top-quality, UV-resistant absorbents specifically engineered for outdoor applications. Unfortunately, most traditional oil-absorbent rolls on the market don’t stand up to the demands of outdoor conditions. They aren’t designed for outdoor use and come with several challenges that can render them ineffective. In our experience working with customers dealing with these problems, we have found that conventional oil-absorbent rolls:

  • don’t work well when it is raining, the rainwater creates a barrier on the oil spill mat and carries the oil off and onto the surface below
  • don’t absorb much oil or fuel, especially in wet conditions
  • degrade and turn to powder when exposed to UV light
  • allow leaks to “bleed through” and reach the ground underneath

Husky Polyback Oil Absorbent Rolls are engineered for the outdoors.

Spilltration® Husky Polyback Oil Absorbent Rolls are a revolutionary solution for outdoor applications. Capable of withstanding even the harshest weather conditions, these highly absorbent rolls are engineered to grab onto oil leaks and drips while filtering out clean rainwater. Our superior design ensures they stay on the job day and night for up to two years or until fully saturated. In addition, Spilltration® Husky Polyback Oil Absorbent Rolls are made from recycled material and are UV-resistant providing an eco-friendly and long-lasting solution for spill prevention.

The 14-pound Mini Roll is 32 inches wide x 25 feet long and absorbs about 18 gallons of oil. You can easily throw it in the backseat of your truck. Spilltration® Polyback Mini Rolls:

  • are great for placing directly under heavy drips and leaks or covering larger areas
  • come in an easy-to-manage size that can be cut to length for your specific application
  • are engineered to hold onto oils, fuels, and other petroleum products while allowing rainwater to filter through
  • have a rugged polyethylene backing that prevents the oil from “bleeding through” onto the ground
  • are UV-Resistant for long-term, outdoor deployment.
  • are eco-friendly – Spilltration® Husky fibers are made from post-consumer content

How much Polyback Oil Filter Mini Roll do I need?

Use our Dripulator Guide to Calculate →

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Spilltration® Husky Polyback Product Line Brochure

Spilltration® Husky Polyback Material Specifications

2023 HalenHardy® Catalog



Spilltration Polyback Husky Rain Test

HalenHardy White Spill Sheets vs Husky PolyBack Oil Filter Pads

Bird uses white spill sheets for nests

UV Turns White Oil Spill Sheet to Powder

White Oil Spill Sheets Hate the Rain

White Oil Spill Sheets Hate the Sun

Oil breaks through the white spill sheets after just a teaspoon

Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Fluids Absorbed:  Oils, Fuels & Other Petroleum Products – Filters Water

Dimensions:  32”W x 25’L

Sold as:  Each

Absorbency:  18.3 gallons/roll

Weight:  14 lbs./roll

Recycled Content:  > 95% Recycled Content.  Spilltration Husky fibers are 100% recycled content.

Impermeable Backing:  Yes

UV Resistant:  Yes

Smoosh Pack:  No

Compliance and Restrictions

Compliance and Restrictions

  • Does not float.  Not for use on water.
  • DO NOT use with acids, bases or oxidizers.
  • Dispose of used product in compliance with local, state & federal regulations

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