Spilltration® Husky Polyback Oil Absorbent Pad: SPL050


16” x 16”, 50 pads

Spilltration® Husky Polyback Oil Absorbent Pads are great for putting under small leaks and drips. They’re also ideal for storing oily tools and smaller containers.





Made in the USA

Made in the USA

Filters Oil from Water

Filters Oil from Water



Traditional Oil Leak Pads vs. Spilltration® Husky Polyback Oil Absorbent Pads

You know how those conventional oil-only absorbents don’t cut it when it comes to persistent leaks and drips from outdoor machinery? Well, believe it or not, we heard you loud and clear. So we talked to our customers and asked them how they were handling those outside equipment leaks. Here’s what they told us. Traditional oil leak pads:

  • Don’t work well when it is raining.  The rainwater creates a barrier on the pad and carries the oil off.
  • Don’t absorb much oil or fuel, especially in wet conditions.
  • Degrade and turn to powder when exposed to UV light.
  • Allow the leak to “bleed through” and reach the ground underneath.

After listening to our customers’ challenges, we got to work and developed the Spilltration® Husky Polyback product line. Our polyback oil absorbent products outperform traditional oil-only absorbents and offer excellent leak management.

Spilltration® Husky Polyback: Dual layer design instantly grabs and holds onto oil leaks and drips.

Spilltration® Husky Polyback Oil Absorbent Pads provide maximum protection against oil leaks and drips. The dual-layer design instantly grabs and holds onto oil leaks and drips while allowing rainwater through. A leak-proof polymer backing prevents oil leaks from reaching the ground, making our polyback products the ideal solution for managing leaks and drips. Spilltration® Husky Polyback Pads:

  • are great for placing directly under smaller drips and leaks
  • hold onto oils, fuels, and other petroleum products while allowing rainwater to filter through
  • are UV-Resistant for long-term outdoor deployment
  • have a rugged polyethylene backing that prevents the oil from “bleeding through” onto the ground
  • come in an easy-to-manage size
  • are eco-friendly – Spilltration® Husky fibers are made from 100% recycled content

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Regulations: Used Oil – 40 CFR 279


Spilltration® Husky Polyback Product Line Brochure

Spilltration® Husky Polyback Material Specifications

2023 HalenHardy® Catalog



Spilltration Polyback Husky Rain Test

HalenHardy White Spill Sheets vs Husky PolyBack Oil Filter Pads

Bird uses white spill sheets for nests

UV Turns White Oil Spill Sheet to Powder

White Oil Spill Sheets Hate the Rain

White Oil Spill Sheets Hate the Sun

Oil breaks through the white spill sheets after just a teaspoon

Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Fluids Absorbed:  Oils, Fuels & Other Petroleum Products – Filters Water

Dimensions:  16”W x 16”L

Sold as:  50 pads/case

Absorbency:  26.3 gallons/case

Absorbency Each:  62.4 fl. oz./pad

Weight:  21 lbs./case

Recycled Content:  > 95% Recycled Content.  Spilltration Husky fibers are 100% recycled content.

Impermeable Backing:  Yes

UV Resistant:  Yes

Smoosh Pack:  No

Compliance and Restrictions

Compliance and Restrictions

  • Does not float. Not for use on water.
  • DO NOT use with acids, bases or oxidizers.
  • Dispose of used product in compliance with local, state and federal regulations.

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