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Simplify Filtering Sheen in Secondary Containment Webinar

Simplify Filtering Sheen in Secondary Containment Webinar

Learn how to simplify filtering sheen in secondary containment systems by automating secondary containment system drainage.

Spring showers may bring May flowers, but those showers can also bring countless hours of time spent draining accumulated stormwater from secondary containment systems. Oily sheens complicate matters even further because the sheen must be captured before the water can be released.

Installing easy-to-maintain hydrocarbon filter valves at each outlet eliminates the need to spend hours watching water drain. Learn how the Drainiac® Petroleum Filter Valve functions as a passive oil-water separator that allows clean rainwater to drain from a secondary containment system while capturing oily sheens. Then, in the event of an oil or fuel spill, it will close off, preventing a discharge.

Learning Objectives

  • Avoid long waits while secondary containment sumps drain

  • Minimize calls for vac trucks to pump out secondary containment systems

  • Compare costs associated with manual draining to those of passive filtering
  • Install petroleum filter valves in minutes
  • Establish time-saving inspection and maintenance schedules for petroleum filter valves

Meet the Presenter

Sheen in Secondary Containment Webinar - Presenter Troy Beaver

Troy Beaver

Partner and Trainer at HalenHardy

Troy is a partner at HalenHardy with more than nine years of experience helping environmental and operations professionals simplify spill and sediment control.

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