Drainiac® Petroleum Filter Valve Starter Kit for Portable Containment: SPL123


Our Portable Containment Filtration Kit includes the Drainiac® Petroleum Filter Valve, Pre-Filter Sediment Jacket and fittings for attaching to portable secondary containment.

Simplify draining stormwater from your portable spill containment units with this hassle-free petroleum filter valve starter kit for spill berms.

  • Filters stormwater from spill berms
  • Captures sheen
  • Automatically swells and shuts off in the event of a spill


Made in the USA

Made in the USA

Filters Oil from Water

Filters Oil from Water



THE PROBLEM: Portable Containment Rainwater Management

Is removing stormwater from your portable secondary containment units time-consuming, costly and frustrating?

  • Every time it rains, the containment tank fills with rainwater and must be manually drained
  • If there is any sheen on the water, the water must be treated, or use a vacuum truck and haul it away
  • Sometimes the outlet valve gets left open, and a spill escapes the containment

Do your existing petroleum filter valves perform poorly?

  • Big, bulky, and a tripping hazard
  • Prematurely clog with silt, sediment, trash, and debris
  • Drain very slowly
  • Extremely expensive
  • Allow spills to escape before completely swelling up and shutting off

OUR SOLUTION: A Portable Containment Filtration System

We heard our customers’ complaints and designed a portable containment filtration system to address these issues.


  • A proprietary polymer blend filters oil and fuel sheen from the stormwater before being discharged
  • The Drainiac® Pre-Filter Sediment Jacket prevents the filter valve from prematurely clogging with silt and sediment
  • In the event of a spill, the polymer inside the filter valve immediately swells up and prevents the spill from escaping


  • Eliminates manual draining
  • This innovative oil-water separator eliminates the need for expensive vacuum trucks to haul and dispose of sheen water
  • Compared to existing petroleum filter valves, the Drainiac® Petroleum Filter Valve is 4x smaller, drains 10x faster, and is half the cost per unit
  • Pre-Filter Sediment Jacket extends the life of the Drainiac® Filter Valve
  • Cuts your overall costs of managing stormwater in portable containment by 50% to 90% per year
  • Minimizes tripping hazards

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Installing a bulkhead fitting in pop up containment

Installing Drainiac Petroleum Filter Valve & Husky PreFilter Sleeve in Pop Up Containment

Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Kit Includes (1) 3” Drainiac Petroleum Filter Valve with .75” MIPT Adapter (SPL101-.75MIPT)
(1) Drainiac Pre-Filter Sediment Jacket for 3” Drainiac (SPL104-3)
(1) .75” FNPT Bulkhead Fitting with EPDM Gasket
(1) .75” MNPT Plug
Flow Rate While all other manufacturers measure their flow rates at a constant 2” head pressure, we measure ours based on what is happening in the real world.

  • 2” to 1” Head Pressure: 56.6 gal./hr.
  • 1” to 0” Head Pressure: 41.0 gal./hr.
Dimensions Drainiac Filter Valve is 3.5” Diameter x 5.5”L
Sold as Each
Inlet Fitting for Filter Valve .75” Male NPT threaded adapter
Cutoff Loss on Filter Valve Other manufacturers allow various amounts of petroleum to pass through their valves before complete shut off. The Drainiac Petroleum Filter Valve System is engineered to not allow any petroleum products to escape. Therefore, there is no loss.

Compliance and Restrictions

Compliance and Restrictions

  • DO NOT use with acids, bases or oxidizers
  • Dispose of used product in compliance with local, state & federal regulations

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