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Nine Dirty Little Secrets White Oil Spill Manufacturers Don't Want You to Know

The top 9 things that white oil spill sheet manufacturers don’t want you to know

White Oil Sheets Were Not Designed for Outdoor Leaks

Secret #5: White Oil Sheets Were Not Designed for Outdoor Leaks

18 out of 18 white spill sheet manufacturers in the USA know they are impotent for controlling outdoor oil leaks. But 17 out of 18 don’t admit it on their websites or sales materials.

White oil spill sheets were developed in the early 1970s. Their main mission was to throw down on top of an oil spill. Sop up the oil. Then, pick up right away and toss them into the trash. In all candor, white spill sheets do okay in a throw-down and pick-up quickly mode. But through the years, manufacturers encouraged other uses for white sheets. They promoted the idea of laying the white sheets down under persistent outdoor oil leaks. However, by the early 1980s the industry knew that white sheets didn’t work well for outdoor oil leaks and drips.

  • Rain carried oil off the the top of white sheet
  • Sun disintegrated the white sheet fibers in a few short weeks
  • Persistent leaks pushed right through the sheets and polluted the ground beneath

White Spill Sheet Producers don’t Promote these Flaws. Why Would They?

White spill sheets were designed to throw on top of an oil spill and throw away
White spill sheets were designed to throw on top of an oil spill and pick them up right away.

There are 18 manufacturers of white polypropylene spill sheets in the USA and only 1 out of 18 mentions any of these weaknesses (buried deep in its website). 94.4% of white spill-sheet makers are happy to let you discover it on your own. So much for transparency in advertising. Speaking of percentages, only about 15% of the folks that read this far will take us up on our offer to send them a free Husky Oil Drip Filter Pan. Why? There are lots of reasons, but the main one is simply this, 85% of any group of people wait around until the Early Adopters try things out first.

Are You an Innovator?

The question is, are you an innovator? Do you love to be ahead of the curve? If so, now is the perfect time to say, “I was one of the first group of professionals to see the value in the Husky Pan.”

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