Oil overpowers traditional oil spill

Secret #1: White Oil Spill Sheets Hate the Rain

Did you know that just one drop of oil per minute can pollute one million gallons of surface or groundwater in 53 days? The more it rains, the faster the leak spreads.

Do you have equipment in the outdoors?  Does it leak oil?  A steady drip, drip, drip in the same spot?  Day after day?  You can’t just let the oil continue to pollute the ground beneath.  We’ve all seen plenty of evidence that oil pollution harms the environment.  It poisons plants and animals.  It destroys ecosystems, and when it gets into the groundwater, it causes quite a bit of damage.

According to the EPA, a piece of equipment with an oil leak of only one drip per minute can pollute over 500,000 gallons of groundwater in only one month.

Think of how many leaking vehicles are on the road.  Think of all the leaking equipment within our industries.  We need to do all we can to contain as many of these oil droplets as possible.

Unfortunately, most people aren’t aware of what works best in these situations.  We try to position white polypropylene oil spill sheets under these stubborn leaks.  Oil sticks to these white spill sheets, but what the white sheet manufacturers won’t tell you is that they have minimal value outdoors, and rain renders them practically useless.

White Oil Spill Sheets are Ineffective in the Rain

Oil may stick to white spill sheets, but these sheets repel water, so any rain that falls will create a pool of water on top of the spill sheet.  Oil floats on water, so only a small fraction of the dripping oil comes in contact with the spill sheet.  The rest slides right off the sheet and flows with the rainwater into the ground and groundwater.

White Oil Spill Sheets are Ineffective in the Rain
Rain carries the dripping oil away from the old white spill sheets.

In a survey of ten oil-well drilling sites, we pulled 1,026 damp white spill sheets.  On average, they were only holding 29% of the oil advertised.  Of course, the white oil spill sheet manufacturers don’t want you to know that you are tossing 71% of your money in the garbage.  Fortunately, there’s a better way.

Discarded White Spill Sheets
Dumpster diving uncovered 1,026 discarded white spill sheets. They were only saturated with 29% of their advertised capacity.

Introducing the Husky Oil Drip Filter Pan with MicroFilter Weep Holes

Husky PolyBack Oil Drip Filter Pans by HalenHardy will save you that 71% because they are designed differently.  Our pans allow water to flow through them, so no water pools on top.  Every falling drop of oil hits and sticks to the fibers in the pad.  No oil escapes – creating a cleaner world for everyone.

Oil Sticks. Water Wicks.

Not only that, but the Husky PolyBack products have been shown to last over a year in the outdoors, while the white pads people mistakenly use for this type of situation begin breaking down within a week of exposure to the elements.

Whether it is in the rain or the sun, Husky PolyBack Oil Drip Filter Pans outperform all the other options for containing outdoor oil leaks and drips.

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