Oil Spill Sheets Are Not Reusable

Secret #6: Oil Spill Sheets Are Not Reusable

Lab tests show that white spill sheets cannot be squeezed and reused. In fact, they retain 85% to 90% of the oil. That’s good when cleaning up an oil spill. But, it makes them very unsustainable.

In a perfect world, you could pick up a saturated oil spill sheet, and then you would wring it out, recover the oil, and lay it back down. Again and again. But in the white oil spill sheet world, that can’t happen. Why? Because the polypropylene fibers they use to make the sheets are very stiff. The fibers are packed tightly together. There’s no “give” in white oil spill sheets. However, all the white spill sheet makers admit these products are NOT reusable, and they are not about to change. Why?

White sheet manufacturers have millions of dollars invested in their melt-blown polypropylene manufacturing equipment. One producer reportedly dropped a cool $25 million on their latest setup. They must get a return on their investment by keeping their machines busy all the time.

White spill sheets can not be reused

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In comparison, Spilltration® Husky Liner Pads act more like a sponge. You can squeeze out 80% of the oil in a mop bucket and reuse the pads up to ten times. You can also recover the oil for recycling.

If you like the idea of using durable products over and over, Spilltration Husky Liner Pads are right up your alley.

reuse Husky Oil Filter Pans up to 10 times
Reuse Husky Oil Filter Pans up to 10 times.

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