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Nine Dirty Little Secrets White Oil Spill Manufacturers Don't Want You to Know

The top 9 things that white oil spill sheet manufacturers don’t want you to know

Secret #4: White Oil Spill Sheets Are Unsustainable

Industry experts estimate that more than 168 million pounds of virgin white oil spill materials are manufactured every year in the USA. After use, the virgin white products tossed into the garbage.

White oil spill sheets first came on the market in the early 1970s.  They were a revolutionary new tool in the fight to clean up the messes created by the oil and gas industries, as well as other industries susceptible to oil leaks and spills.  As the world began to focus more on pollution and waste, white spill sheets became more prevalent, and currently, the same spill sheets are still widely used throughout industries all over the world.

White Spill Sheets are Made from Virgin Polypropylene

Over the past 50 years, these sheets have been used to clean up quite a bit of oil.  They have been a standard resource for thousands of companies all over the world.  

It is estimated that more than 500 million pounds of white oil spill materials are used and tossed into the garbage each and every year.

That’s enough waste to fill a 949-mile caravan of tractor trailers bumper-to-bumper (picture New York City to Atlanta or Los Angeles to Portland.)

One of the biggest reasons why so many are used, stems from the fact that they are being used improperly and for jobs they weren’t designed for.  The big concern, however, is that this is 500 million pounds of pollution.  The oil these sheets cleaned up may not have flowed directly into the rivers or the ocean, but that oil is now headed to a landfill and attached to a product that is also made from crude oil.

If you use two bags of white spill sheets a month, it fills up a pickup truck load of waste in only one year.

The white oil spill sheets are made from raw polypropylene, which is manufactured from crude oil by big petrochemical companies.

Nothing has really changed in 50 years. Today, white spill sheets are STILL made with the same material – virgin polypropylene produced from crude oil.  And although the white oil spill sheet manufacturers don’t want you to think about creating enough waste to fill up Dallas Cowboy Stadium 1.3 times every year with their products, it can’t be good for the environment, and eventually this is unsustainable. 

Fortunately, there’s a better way.

HalenHardy’s Husky PolyBack products are NOT made from polypropylene.  They can hold much more oil than a similarly sized white spill sheet, and they can actually be reused.  Husky PolyBack products will greatly reduce the amount of waste created by the cleanup of oil spills or leaks.
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