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Nine Dirty Little Secrets White Oil Spill Manufacturers Don't Want You to Know

The top 9 things that white oil spill sheet manufacturers don’t want you to know

Oil Breaks Through White Spill Sheets

Secret #3: Oil Breaks Through White Spill Sheets

When a mere teaspoon of dripping oil hits on a single spot of a white spill sheet, it begins to saturate the sheet at that location.  Lab tests reveal that up 70% of dripping oil runs through the sheet and pollutes the ground beneath.

As a consumer, when we hear about a “break-through” we typically think it’s a good thing.  Most of the products that have changed our lives have been considered break-throughs.  They can be scientific inventions or revolutionary new ideas.  They can cure diseases or reduce pollution and waste.

But if you are using a white polypropylene spill sheet to contain an outdoor oil drip, “break-through” is a bad thing.  And unfortunately, this type of break-through creates additional pollution and waste.

Oil overpowers traditional oil spill
Oil overpowers traditional oil spill pads and sock, contaminating the surrounding gravel.

White spill sheets are not designed for outdoor oil leaks.

White spill sheets are not designed for outdoor oil leaks.  They are made of polypropylene, which is not ideal for either persistent oil leaks or for outdoor use.  The polypropylene breaks down quickly in sunlight, and rain renders them almost completely ineffective, but even if one is placed under a drip in a dry, shaded area, spill sheets quickly fail.

It has been shown that after only 30 drops of oil have fallen on a white oil sheet, the point of impact has become saturated. From then on, nearly 70% of the oil that continues to drip will run through the white sheet and into the ground.

Consider a leak that dripped one drop of oil per minute. After just one day, the amount of oil that broke through the white sheet is enough to pollute 13,277 gallons of groundwater.

Set it. Forget it.

By contrast, if you placed a Husky Polyback Oil Drip Filter Pan under that same leak, you could leave it there for 3 months and still have NO oil break through. And, Husky Pans won’t degrade in UV sunlight. That’s one less thing for you to worry about.

The manufacturers of white oil spill sheets want you to believe they are helping you save the environment. But their products just don’t work for persistent outdoor oil leaks and drips. Fortunately, there’s a better way.

Spilltration Husky Polyback Oil Drip Filter Pans provide a much more effective option for those looking to keep oil pollution out of our groundwater. They eliminate the break-through that white spill sheets are prone to. Best of all, the Husky Pan helps you automatically control pesky outdoor oil leaks and drips in the rain or sun.

“I love the fact that I can just set the Husky Pan under a nagging drip and forget it. I’ve had one in place for six month under a persistent leak and I’ve only had to change out the liner pads once. I figure my cost is about 14 cents a day. Awesome.”

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