oil spill response time
FACT #5:

Time is the Enemy. Learn How to Improve Spill Response Time.

When it comes to controlling an oil spill, seconds count. Our roads and paved surfaces are designed to evacuate stormwater quickly, and any fluid will want to run toward the storm drains….fast.  It’s imperative to have the right tools to prevent the advance of an oil spill immediately.

You need oil spill materials designed to be:

  1. Compact – Compressed and packaged into efficient kits

  2. Lightweight – Easy to carry sufficient materials without strain

  3. Rapidly Deployed – Able to be rolled into place in a matter of seconds

  4. Diverters – Engineered to direct and contain the spill and keep it under control

  5. Filtration Tools – Absorb oils & fuels while allowing clean water to filter through

By employing up-to-date tools and tactics, you can reduce your time, investment, and headaches.

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