How to Cut Your Oil Spill Control Costs by 70%

Learn how to cut your oil spill control costs by 70%.


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FACT #6:

Space is the Final Frontier. Learn How to Conquer It.

For decades, spill responders have wondered why absorbents and other spill response tools are bulky and take up so much space. The main reason is that none of the old-time manufacturers walked in their customers’ shoes. As the saying goes, “They sold what they made.” So, spill control innovation stagnated for more than 30 years.

Our customers encouraged us to challenge the status quo. Since we were not married to any specific manufacturing processes or equipment, we approached the challenges from an unbiased perspective. Our vision for a better way included:

  • Developing mission-critical tools that prevent transformer oil spills from spreading

  • Locating materials that filter petroleum spills from stormwater

  • Designing the finished products to be rapidly deployed

  • Engineering them to be highly compressible so they can take up 400% less space

  • Packaging them to be stored in nooks and crannies of overcrowded work vehicles

As a result, we help our customers bring 400% to 1,000% more firepower to the frontlines of transformer oil spill response by using the spare spaces in their work vehicles to store these high-tech oil-filtering tools.

Traditional 5 gallons spillkits (left and right).  Spilltration 5 Gallon Smooshkit (center)
Traditional 5 gallons spillkits (left and right). Spilltration 5 Gallon Smooshkit (center)

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