How to Cut Your Oil Spill Control Costs by 70%

Learn how to cut your oil spill control costs by 70%.


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Spill Response in Storms
FACT #4:

Spill Control Products that Work with Mother Nature

You can’t fight Mother Nature. So, work WITH Her. The laws of physics are immutable.

  • Gravity affects everything.

  • Fluids follow the path of least resistance.

  • Oil spills spread 100x faster in wet conditions than in dry weather.

  • White spill materials hate water and will repel oil in the rain (rather than absorb it).

  • Building dikes from traditional materials (dirt, cat litter, sand) is hard work.

Spill Control Products that Filter Oil from Rainwater

Discover a new class of oil spill control materials proven to work WITH Mother Nature. Products designed to filter oil from rainwater. So, you can use the materials to divert, dike, and pool-up oil spills while allowing clean water to percolate through at the same time.

Sheen goes in on one side. Clean water comes out on the other side.

It’s the best of both worlds!  You can dam up a spill and prevent it from spreading. At the same time, you allow clean water to filter through.

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