White Oil Spill Sheets Waste Your Time

Secret #8: White Oil Spill Sheets Waste Your Time

Do you hate to waste time? Me too. That’s why trying to use white oil spill sheets for persistent outdoor leaks and drips gets under my skin. BECAUSE…

  1. They don’t work in the rain or sun, and you have to change them too often.
  2. They let oil breakthrough, and you gotta waste time cleaning up the polluted ground around the leaks.
  3. They need to be replaced every couple of weeks.
  4. My kids and grandkids tell me they are UNSUSTAINABLE.
  5. They can’t be squeezed out and used over and over.
  6. They haven’t been upgraded in nearly 30 years– think bag phone.
  7. I’m almost 68 years old, and I can’t stand to see my clients waste their time.

In the End, It’s Pretty Simple

  • Manufacturers of white spill sheets are trying to milk a cash cow.
  • They want to have you believe there are no other choices.
  • They want your money.
  • They figure you have deep pockets.
  • They don’t give a crap about your real problems.

Introducing a Better Way to Tackle Outdoor Persistent Oil Leaks

We’ve developed a different way to tackle these crappy problems. We use an innovative, recycled filter fiber to hold onto persistent oil leaks and allow clean rainwater to filter through.

Husky PolyBack Oil Filter Pan

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