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Nine Dirty Little Secrets White Oil Spill Manufacturers Don't Want You to Know

The top 9 things that white oil spill sheet manufacturers don’t want you to know

White Oil Spill Sheets Waste Money

Secret #9: White Oil Spill Sheets Waste Money

If you use white spill sheets it’s like throwing away 71 cents on every dollar you spend. Manufacturers of white oil spill sheets focus much of their time chasing down “whales”. Big customers with deep pockets who they think can afford to throw money away. In the old economy that might have worked, but not in today’s world. With the relentless demands of Wall Street and Private Equity, you need to be on top of every dollar. If waste exists, you gotta find it and get rid of it.

The Real Cost of Old White Spill Sheets

One of the most wasteful practices in the environmental world is using white oil spill sheets for persistent outdoor leaks and spills. As you’ve seen throughout this booklet, it costs you in many ways. Time. Money. Pollution.

Yes, There is a Better Way

Fortunately there is a better way. Try a Spilltration Husky Oil Drip Filter Pan ABSOLUTELY FREE.

Husky PolyBack Oil Filter Pan

Think about it. Where do you want to be a year from today? Do you want to be using the same outdated, ineffective and costly white spill sheets? Do you want to be spending extra money cleaning up oily runoff from the ground? Or do you want to have a clean work site, free of oily runoff? The choice is yours.

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