HardyBerm Track Strips


Protect your HardyBerm from vehicle and equipment tires.

Made in the USA

Made in the USA

*Not available for online ordering. Call 814-822-2004 to order.



Protect your HardyBerm Portable Containment with Track Strips.

Sharp objects and turning tires can decrease the lifespan of your HardyBerm System. Removable HardyBerm Track Strips provide a pathway that helps to prevent items from digging into the floor, so your units last longer and do not become damaged.

HardyBerm Track Strips Benfits:

  • Adds traction when the floor of the system is wet.
  • Prevents debris in tires or track belts from damaging the HardyBerm and prolongs the lifespan of flexible spill containment.
  • Heavy duty strips are extremely durable.
  • Prevents the berm from tearing when turning tires.

Use With:

HardyBerm Pop-Up Containment

HardyBerm Drive-In & Drive-Out Containment

HardyBerm Self-Rising Portable Containment

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Product Specifications

Product Specifications

SKU For Use With Size
TS362 6’ L HardyBerm 2 Pieces – 3’ x 6’
TS382 8’ L HardyBerm 2 Pieces – 3’ x 8’
TS3102 10’ L HardyBerm 2 Pieces – 3’ x 10’
TS3162 16’ L HardyBerm 2 Pieces – 3’ x 16’
TS3262 26’ L HardyBerm 2 Pieces – 3’ x 26’
TS3362 36’ L HardyBerm 2 Pieces – 3’ x 36’
TS3502 50’ L HardyBerm 2 Pieces – 3’ x 50’
TS3602 60’ L HardyBerm 2 Pieces – 3’ x 60’
TS3852 85’ L HardyBerm 2 Pieces – 3’ x 85’

Compliance and Restrictions

Compliance and Restrictions

  • Track Strips are recommended for vehicle traffic and are essential for equipment with track belts (bulldozers, excavators, etc.)

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