Water-Gate™ Instant Coffer Dam


Simplify damming up rivers and streams with the quickest, most efficient, and most flexible cofferdam on the market. The Water-Gate Coffer Dam requires minimal manpower and equipment, offering maximum flexibility for your needs.

Stock sizes available for purchase:

  • COF2835: 28″H x 35’L
  • COF3930: 39″H x 30’L

Call for pricing on all other sizes:

  • COF2130: 21″H x 30’L
  • COF2150: 21″H x 50’L
  • COF2850: 28″H x 50’L
  • COF3950: 39″H x 50’L
  • COF5030: 50”H x 30’L
  • COF5050: 50”H x 50’L
  • COF6030: 60″H x 30’L
  • COF6050: 60″H x 50’L

*Not available for online ordering. Call 814-822-2004 to order.

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Is your way of damming up streams complicated, time-consuming, and expensive?

Do all of your supplies take up extremely too much space and weight tons and tons?

Problem #1: Traditional cofferdams require a lot of time and equipment.
  • Time to fill and deploy sandbags.
  • Manpower or equipment to lift and place sandbags.
  • Time to prepare the streambed.
  • Time and pumps required to fill water-filled barriers.
  • Time to redeploy in case of a “blow out.”
Problem #2: Traditional cofferdams are expensive.
  • Shipping costs to get large, bulky sandbags to site.
  • Labor costs to fill and deploy sandbags.
  • Fuel costs to keep the pumps and equipment running.
  • Cost of delaying the job hours or days to set up.
  • Cost being “washed out” and needing to be rebuilt.

Building a cofferdam should not be complicated.

The Water-Gate™ Instant Cofferdam is designed to be simple, fast and cost-effective.

  1. Installs in minutes with minimal manpower.
  2. Flexible material allows it to adapt to most stream and river bottoms.
  3. No special equipment needed. No filling with water or inflating with air required. Simply unroll the dam, unfold the upstream flap and let the flow of the stream fill it.
  4. No anchoring needed. Just uses the weight of the water to weigh it down to the stream bottom.
  5. Multiple units can be attached to make whatever length you need.
  6. Wash and reuse dozens of times.



Water-Gate Coffer Dam depolyed

Building an Water-Gate Coffer Dam and weir bypass viaduct 2

Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Composition: PVC Coated Polyester and Woven Polyethylene

Fabric Specifications and Chemical Resistance: Found in Water-Gate Cofferdam User Guide

Chart of all sizes:

SKU Height (inches) Length (feet) Width of Stream Bottom Skirt (inches) Weight (lbs) Storage Size (inches)
COF2130 21 30 72 45.4 15”D x 19.25”H
COF2150 21 50 72 73.8 22.5”D x 15.25”H
COF2835 28 35 97.6 74.2 24”D x 14”H
COF2850 28 50 97.6 103 24”D x 18”H
COF3930 39 30 157.4 143.6 18”D x 37”H
COF3950 39 50 157.4 239.6 22”D x 37”H
COF5030 50 30 200 195 19”D x 48”H
COF5050 50 50 200 320 25.5”D x 48”H
COF6030 60 30 236.2 143.6 20.5”D x 56”H
COF6050 60 50 236.2 239.6 24”D x 56”H

Additional Information

Additional Information

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