Are you still draining secondary containment stormwater by hand?

You waste time, and you can’t afford to release an oily sheen on the ground.

Fortunately, there’s a better way to cut your costs in half and remain in compliance. Check out this video to learn more.

Every time you get more than an inch of rain in your above ground storage tank secondary containments, someone has to go around and manually drain the stormwater.

It’s a time-consuming pain in the neck that costs you thousands of dollars every year in wasted labor. To make matters worse, you can’t simply dump the containment if there is an oily sheen on top of the stormwater because it pollutes our environment. To remove the oily water, many operators call a vac truck to pump, haul, and treat the water.

One Electric Utility operator recently told us that it costs them more than $100,000 per year in pump and haul costs to pump and maintain only seven containment structures. And they are planning to install seven more secondary containment structures in the next year. That will double their pump and haul costs to more than $200,000.

To make matters worse, the pandemic has devastated your available workforce and budgets. But, the rain keeps coming, and your secondary containment structures keep filling with stormwater putting you between a rock and a hard place.

Some operators had tried petroleum filter valves to remove oil sheen from containment water automatically. These valves are engineered to immediately shut off in case of a catastrophic petroleum spill inside containment. Unfortunately, these valves are costly, and they have a fatal flaw….they plug up with sediment long before oily sheen or a spill.

  • Manually Drain Stormwater

  • Vac Truck to Remove Oily Water

  • Oily Sheen on Water



The Challenge:

One of our clients was changing his expensive filter valves two to four times every year. Upon close examination, he discovered they were all clogged with sediment (NOT oil). Replacing filter valves cost him over $250,000 each year.

He encouraged us to come up with a better design with two main features in mind:

  • An effective, inexpensive pre-filter to remove the majority of sediment before entering the petroleum filter valve.
  • A filter valve that would cost 50% less and last 3x to 5x longer.

The Solution:

After seven months and more than 2,500 hours of experimentation, we pioneered the BETA version of our patent-pending Drainiac Petroleum Filter Valve with our client on May 6, 2019.

Over the next 17 months, the pre-filter system protected his original Drainiac valve from sediment…and it worked like a charm. Finally, he had to change the Drainiac valve on October 14, 2020.

The Results:

Our client’s in-the-field changeout time improved an average of 432% over his former valves. And best of all, the Drainiac Valve and Prefilter System is 50% less expensive upfront. This translates into a savings of 86% over the life of the Drainiac valve, saving him $215,000 per year on his 69 secondary containment structures.

Our client exclaimed:

“Two hundred thousand bucks in savings is nothing to sneeze at. In fact, I was able to parlay the extra money into upgraded fall restraint systems for all the members of our substation maintenance team…not to mention reducing mindless changing of dirty valves by almost 90%. The HalenHardy team did a great job. To say I’m very happy is an understatement.”


Try Drainiac Risk-free

Since 2019, the HalenHardy team has supplied (or helped to install) nearly 200 Drainiac petroleum filter valve systems with companies like Philadelphia Electric Company, Buckeye Pipelines, Baltimore Gas & Electric, Lucknow-Highspire Terminals, and Liberty Utilities.

These systems are working so well, and we are so confident that you’ll love the Drainiac petroleum filter valve system, we’re offering you a 30-day test run with your very own Drainiac valve. Just put the Drainiac valve to work for 30 days.

If you are unhappy for any reason at the end of the first month, just let us know and we’ll either fix your problem (free of charge) or rip up your invoice. You take no risk whatsoever.

So, you’re at a point of decision. You can either keep going down the old path of least resistance. It’s the familiar one you’ve been travelling. Or you can take a new path. The old road will lead to the same results you’ve always gotten. Nothing will change.

But if you want something different to happen, you are going to have to do something different. Make a new choice, and pursue a new outcome.

To get new and better results, just click on the button below and order your 30-day risk-free Drainiac filter valve trial. It contains everything you need to get started.


Since 2019, the HalenHardy team has supplied (or helped to install) nearly 200 Drainiac petroleum filter valve systems with companies like Philadelphia Electric Company, Buckeye Pipelines, Baltimore Gas & Electric, Lucknow-Highspire Terminals and Liberty Utilities.

Please Note: This is not an endorsement by these companies. But, we do know they are our clients

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