HalenHardy, LLC was founded in 2013 to develop products and services that improve worker health and safety across multiple industries including oil and gas, mining, construction, remediation, and demolition.


Our latest innovations are designed to protect workers from exposure to dangerous dusts, limit access to dangerous areas and reduce the number of slip, trip and fall accidents in the workplace.















HalenHardy Brands

The award-winning MASHH Mobile Air Shower by HalenHardy is designed and engineered to reduce worker exposure to dangerous dust  by removing it from contaminated clothing in less than 30 seconds.


The MASHH unit is effective in removing the following dusts from workers' clothes:

  • silica
  • lead
  • hex chrome
  • asbestos

The MudKill family of products allows workers to effectively clean their boots in just seconds and keeping your workplace safe and clean.


Slip, trip and fall accidents:

  • cause serious injury
  • decrease worker safety
  • diminish productivity





    The HeckOut system was developed to help highly mobile industries (oil & gas, emergency response, construction)

    have an effective barricade and compliant signage system, that prevents the wrong people from wandering into dangerous work areas. 


    The HeckOut system is quick to set up, lightweight, portable, durable, highly visible and able to display compliant signage. 


    Get a grip and prevent slips and falls just about anywhere with GritGrab anti-slip surfacing.


    It pays to protect your workers from slipping and falling on potentially slick walking and climbing surfaces using the following GritGrab products:

    • ladder rung covers
    • bullnose step covers
    • walkway covers.

    Need custom facility identification?

    HalenHardy offers more than 170,000  stock and custom products to meet all of your safety identification needs, including:

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    Are you still fighting winter snow, salt and slush the dangerous, sloppy & expensive way?

    The New CrudStop Stomp Station keeps your entryways clean and safe and saves you time and money.


    CrudStop Stomp Pads are perfect for your business, home or store. Keep the great outdoors where it belongs... outdoors!

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    Still trying to control oil-based leaks and spills the sloppy, wasteful and ineffective way?


    The innovative SPILLTRATION Leak & Spill Products filter oil-based fluids from water and:

    • stop leaks at the source
    • prevent spills from spreading
    • save times & money
    • exceed environmental compliance standards


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