Spilltration® Trucker Spill Kit


Truckers need to be prepared for oil-based leaks and spills (diesel, gasoline, motor oil, transmission and hydraulic fluids). The Spilltration Trucker Spill Kits were engineered especially for use in the outdoors.  When it’s raining, Spilltration sorbent material capture and hold the oils and fuels while allowing clean, clear water to filter through.  

The Kit contains all of the materials needed to safely and efficiently clean-up leaks and spills on the go.  Each kit is smoosh-packed to reduce storage space requirements by 75%.  They neatly fit behind truck seats, in sleeper berths and utility boxes so you can grab them for quick deployment and stop leaks in their tracks.


  • (1)  16”x16” Spilltration Base
  • (4)  16”x16” Spilltration Husky Pads
  • (1) Pair of PVC Gloves
  • (2) Disposal Bags

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See How Spilltration Trucker Kit Works

DESCRIPTION:   Not all trucker spill kits are created equal….most of them do not work well when it’s raining. Consider this scenario.  It’s a rainy day when you discover an oily sheen coming from your truck.  The spill is running across the parking lot from a small leak in your diesel tank. Unfortunately, traditional spill cleanup materials do a terrible job cleaning up oils when mixed with rain.  

However, you are well equipped because you have a Spilltration Trucker Spill Kit stowed behind your passenger seat.  The kit is designed to absorb the hydrocarbons (diesel, motor oil, transmission and hydraulic fluids), while allowing clean, clear rainwater to filter through.

FEATURES AND BENEFITS:  The Spilltration Trucker Kit for oil spills is engineered to work differently than traditional oil-only spill kits.

  • The Trucker Kit for oil spills compresses to fit in an area 75% smaller than its fully deployed size
    • You can fit 4x more Spilltration containment and cleanup power in the same space as old oil-only products
    • With 400% more oil spill clean-up materials at your fingertips, you increase your chances to stop the spill
  • Spilltration products are designed to work in the rain.  Old fashioned oil-only products are ineffective in the rain
    • Provide a first line of defense to hold back oil and fuel spills until the emergency responders arrive
    • Prevent oily water from reaching storm drains and waterways with Spilltration materials
    • Avoid clean-up costs and fines by keeping spill in a small footprint
  • Spilltration products are made entirely from post consumer and post industrial waste
    • Helps you in your sustainability initiatives
  • Because of the resilient fiber compounds, oil can be squeezed out of Spilltration products and reused many times
    • Substantially reduce your materials and disposal costs by wringing and reusing Spilltration products

RECOMMENDED USES:  To absorb hydraulic fluids, transmission fluids, diesel fuel, gasoline, motor oils, lubricants, and other hydrocarbons while filtering water at the same time.

DO NOT USE WITH:  Acids and Caustics

PACKAGES PER CASE:  One Spilltraion Trucker’s Spill Kit per case


  • (1)  16”x16” Spilltration Base
  • (4)  16”x16” Spilltration Husky Pads
  • (1) Pair of PVC Gloves
  • (2) Disposal Bags

ABSORBENCY PER PACKAGE:  2.2 gallons of oil…while filtering clean water through



Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 21 x 21 x 2 in


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