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Spilltration® Husky Polyback Oil Filter Mini Roll


How do you absorb and contain oil drips and leaks from outdoor machinery and equipment, even when its raining? It’s easy. Use Spilltration® Polybacked Products!


Traditional oil-only absorbents were not engineered to place under persistent leaks and drips from outdoor machinery and equipment. Working closely with our customers, they told us that when they put traditional oil-only absorbents under outdoor equipment leaks they:

  • Do not work well when it is raining. The rain water creates a barrier on the pad and carries the oil off.
  • Do not absorb much oil or fuel, especially in wet conditions.
  • Degrade and turn to powder when exposed to UV light.
  • Allow the leak to “bleed through” and reach the ground underneath.

On the other hand, Spilltration® Polyback Mini Rolls:

  • Great for placing directly under heavy drips and leaks or covering larger areas.
  • Top layer of Spilltration® Husky Material is engineered to hold onto oils, fuels and other petroleum products, while allowing rain water to filter through.
  • UV-Resistant for long term, outdoor deployment.
  • Bottom layer is a rugged polyethylene backing, which prevents the oil from “bleeding through” onto the ground.
  • Mini Rolls are in an easy-to-manage size.
  • Can be cut to length, for your specific application.
  • Spilltration® Husky fibers are made from 100% recycled content.

How much Polyback Oil Filter Mini Roll do I need?
Use our Dripulator Guide to Calculate →

Product Specs#SPL019
Fluids AbsorbedOils, Fuels & Other Petroleum Products – Filters Water
Dimensions32”W x 25’L
Weight14 lbs./roll
Sold asEach
Absorbency18.3 gallons/roll
Recycled content> 95% Recycled Content. Spilltration® Husky fibers are 100% recycled content.
Impermeable BackingYES
UV RestistantYES
Smoosh PackNO
Compliance and RestrictionsDoes not float. Not for use on water.

DO NOT use with acids, basis or other caustic liquids.

Dispose of used product in compliance with local, state & federal regulations

Additional information

Weight14 lbs
Dimensions32 × 25 in



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