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HardyHolder Magnetic Holster for HardyWipe Canisters

$58.00 $39.00

The HardyHolder Magnetic Holster is the toughest holster around. Superman ain’t got nothin’ on these magnets.

Hang your HardyWipes on steel or iron wherever you work.  Two HardyHolders per pack.



The HardyHolder Magnetic Holster was a necessity to the oil-field service companies. They loved the wipes but needed something to keep the canisters from rolling around their trucks, falling off of bumpers, and stay still when they yanked a wipe for use.

So the story goes as such….

An oil-field service company asked us to come up with a way to clean frac grease from the palms of gloves to give workers a better grip, prevent accidents and save money. We tested dozens of combinations of wet and dry cleaning methods and finally found a formula that did  the job better than all the rest. It was a windy, rainy day when we delivered the first batch of HardyWipe canisters to the well site. The crews love the HardyWipes but complained that the canisters were constantly getting knocked over. Driving home that day our team was brainstorming on how could we hang canisters using hooks and adhesives when Denny said, “Hey, there’s iron and steel everywhere, let’s use magnets”. We went online, ordered some rare earth magnets for next day delivery, when they came in, we fired up the 3D printer and within a day or two the HardyHolder Magnetic Holster was born.


Additional information

Weight2 lbs
Dimensions9 × 9 × 9 in


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