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Bullnose Step Covers


Protecting Your Workers Protects YOU!

The GritGrab Anti-Slip System protects workers against slips, trips, and falls.  Whether it’s mud, grease, hydraulics, cutting fluids, rain or snow….If your crews work or walk on slippery surfaces, you need GritGrab products to give them the traction they need to prevent slips and falls.

AND THE BEST PART IS ….  YOU Can Cut It Yourself!

All you need is a hacksaw with a sharp blade!


Perfect For:

TRUCKS:                                           RAMPS:

Bumpers                                            Fork Trucks
Running Boards                               Wheel Chair Ramps
Lift Gates                                           Trailer Ramps

EQUIPMENT:                                    LEAKY PLANT EQUIPMENT:

Earthmovers                                     Milling Machines
Drill Rigs                                           Cut Off Saws
Frac Pumps                                       CNC Machines



GritGrab is THE GRITS! 

Don’t let slimy steps, gungy rungs or gooey walking surfaces slip you up. Introducing GritGrab Anti-Slip System.

You can’t run a big jobsite without fluids such as diesel, gasoline, hydraulic fluids & lubes. In a perfect world, none of these slippery fluids would ever drip, leak, or spill. 

But it’s not a perfect world, and just a few splashes of diesel fuel or hydraulic fluids mixed with a little dirt and rainwater can produce slippery steps, lardy ladder rungs, insecure inclines, cruddy climbing and precarious perches . . . a recipe for disaster.

It pays for you to protect workers from slipping on potentially slick walking & climbing surfaces by using GritGrab anti-slip ladder rung covers, stair treads, and tiles.

Bullnose step covers are perfect for equipment steps.

Bullnose step covers are 3″ wide or 6″ wide and come in bright yellow for extra safety!

Made/Cut to Order 

Please call 855-683-5455 and we’ll cut to order for your exact needs. (Pricing will vary by order.)



All of our GritGrab products are developed, manufactured, assembled, and packaged in the United States. When you buy GritGrab, you support American business.


For Glue Install Visit this Link for a “How To Video”

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For Metal Grating with Through Bolting Visit this Link for a “How To Video”

For Metal Grating Surface Cleaning and Prep see this “How To Video” 



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