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Starter Kits

Imagine . . . You have a leaky piece of equipment that only drips 4 drops of oil per minute from a leaky valve, flange or hose. That adds up to 3 gallons per month! Wouldn’t it be nice to have a product in your inventory that would prevent that 3 gallons from seeping into the ground, saving you time and money?  Spilltration® Starter Spill Kit are here!

The new Spilltration® Starter Spill Kit was designed specifically for this purpose. It contains the perfect combination of Spilltration Polybacked Husky Rugs, Spilltration Husky Pads, and Spilltration Oil Shammies to tackle any persistent leak or drip.


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Can you prevent oil spills from spreading in the rain? Spilltration® Click here to claim your FREE Sample Pack now!