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Husky Rugs

Ultra-thick Spilltration Husky Rugs are great for sopping up the bulk of any oil or fuel spill, covering storm drains or sump grates, and providing protection at outfalls.  Husky Rugs clean up diesel, kerosene, transformer oil, hydraulic fluid, motor oil and other hydrocarbons.

Spilltration Husky Rugs are made for rapid response to oil or fuel spills.  This line of products is specifically engineered to clean up oil-based leaks, drips and spills in the outdoors, rain or shine.  Husky products work differently than old-fashioned sorbent products, because they:

  • Absorb oil.  Filter water.
  • Are made from 100% post-consumer waste.
  • Can be Smoosh Packaged to take up 4x less space.
  • Pick up oils from water 5x faster than traditional products.
  • Are squeezable and reusable up to 10x.
  • Save up to 400% in overall cost to use.

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