Cubby Kits

While Cubby Kit components may vary, all Cubby Kits come neatly packaged in this Cubby Kit Duffel.  To learn about the different Cubby Kits, we encourage you to explore the different products at the bottom of the page.

DESCRIPTION:   Spilltration Cubby Kit was named because it fits in the tightest nooks, crannies and cubbyholes.  It’s smoosh-packed to fit in an area 80% smaller than the traditional spill duffels sold by the competition.  Like all Spilltration products, the Cubby Kit is designed for the outdoors to absorb oils and fuels while allowing clean water to filter through.  

FEATURES AND BENEFITS:  The Spilltration Cubby Kit for oil spills is engineered to work differently than traditional oil-only spill kits.

  • The Cubby Kit for oil spills compresses to fit in an area 80% smaller than traditional oil spill duffels
    • You can fit 4x more Spilltration containment and clean-up power in the same space as old oil-only products
    • With 400% more oil spill clean-up materials at your fingertips, you increase your chances to stop the spill
  • Spilltration products are designed to work in the rain.  Old fashioned oil-only products are ineffective in the rain
    • Provide a first line of defense to hold back oil and fuel spills until the emergency responders arrive
    • Prevent oily water from reaching storm drains and waterways with Spilltration materials
    • Avoid clean-up costs and fines by keeping spill in a small footprint
  • Spilltration products are made entirely from post consumer and post industrial waste
    • Helps you in your sustainability initiatives
  • Because of the resilient fiber compounds, oil can be squeezed out of Spilltration products and reused many times
    • Substantially reduce your materials and disposal costs by wringing and reusing Spilltration products

RECOMMENDED USES:  To absorb hydraulic fluids, transmission fluids, diesel fuel, gasoline, motor oils, lubricants, and other hydrocarbons while filtering water at the same time.

DO NOT USE WITH:  Acids and Caustics

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  • Oil Spill Cleanup – Patent Pending SpillBoa™ Cubby Kit

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  • With Spilltration Cubby Kits you get 5x the sorbency in the same space

    Spilltration® Cubby Kit

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