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SpillBoa™ Sorbent Barrier

Oil Spills Bite…Bite Back with the SpillBoa™.

25 lineal feet of SpillBoa sorbent material in one compact 5″ high x 16″ diameter roll. Huge space savings. Huge benefits. The SpillBoa™ was designed for rapid deployment, making containment efforts more efficient than ever before.

The SpillBoa™ “Sorbent Barrier on a Roll” is engineered for rapid containment and clean-up of oil and fuel spills, come rain or come shine.  Compared  with traditional oil spill kits, the SpillBoa™ is:

  • Specially engineered with Spilltration fibers that contain, constrict and absorb oils and fuels while allowing clean water to filter through at the same time.  You can’t do that with traditional oil-only sorbent products.
  • Takes up 75% less space and is readily store-able in a tight spots on emergency response vehicles
  • Each 5″ x 25′ SpillBoa barrier rolls up to a compact 5″ high x 16″ diameter roll.
  • Weighs 80% less.
  • 40x faster to deploy.
  • Flat profile puts more containment power in touch with the surface
  • Strategically packaged in a 25′ length for optimal use.
  • Polymer rope runs through each SpillBoa™ stringing across bodies of water
  • Heavy-duty nylon clips allow you to connect multiple 25-foot sections
  • Saves big bucks by preventing oil spills from spreading into storm drains and waterways.

Ever get tired of lugging around bales of boom?

Enter SpillBoa™ for space savings and ergonomic benefits. Traditional socks and booms only have 1.5 inches of surface area touching the ground. SpillBoa™ barrier puts 5 inches in touch with the spill surface.  Make the most of your sorbents by utilizing the full surface area to absorb spills.

Don’t waste time, energy, and space on stocking and deploying old fashioned boom. The SpillBoa™ was designed with rapid deployment and first responders in mind.  Click on the SpillBoa™ above to see how quickly this sorbent barrier can be deployed. Recommended Use:

  • Hydraulic fluids
  • Transformer oils
  • Motor oils
  • Lubricants
  • Other hydrocarbons
  • Diesel
  • Transmission fluids
  • Gasoline



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