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Spill Kits for Trucks

Get back in the driver’s seat with spill control products that fit. Anywhere.

Spilltration® Seat Pocket SmooshKit™ Case

At just $39.00 per Kit, HalenHardy Seat Pocket SmooshKits are the epitome of efficiency in the Spill Kit world.  SmooshKits pack a major punch in terms of space and have been drilled down to just the essentials.  These small, but mighty kits give you just what you need to contain a spill until help arrives.

  • The HalenHardy Seat Pocket SmooshKits are made for rapid response to any oil or fuel spill.
  • Seat Pocket SmooshKits clean up diesel, kerosene, hydraulic fluid, motor oil and other hydrocarbons.
  • Do NOT use with acids or caustics.

SmooshKits are sold by the case.  Each case includes 10 SmooshKits.

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The Original SmooshKit™


  • (30) 16”x 16” Oil Shammy Towels
  • (5) 16” x16” Husky Pads
  • (1) Pair of disposable gloves
  • (1) Disposal Bag

Absorbs 5 gallons of oil or fuel per Original SmooshKit™.

Cram it. Jam it. Store it.

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Spilltration® SmooshKits™ are the perfect solution if you work in remote or mobile industrial applications. They’re 500% smaller than old fashioned spill kits, so you can stow them anywhere. Even in the smallest of spaces. Now, no matter where work takes you, you’ll always have effective oil spill solutions on hand.

SmooshKits™ are perfect for the first line of defense against leaks and spills from diesel, gasoline, hydraulic fluid, lubricants, motor oil, transmission fluids and other hydrocarbons.

Just take a look at all the places you can stuff, stack, cram or wedge SmooshKits™!

Under, behind or between your seats
Inside seat back pockets
In your toolbox
In utility boxes
In the trunk of your car
In all your nooks and crannies

SmooshKits™ are so compact and lightweight they’re not only space-saving, but they save you in shipping costs. Just how much savings? You can spend up to 86% less in shipping costs!

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